Measurements and Fittings

The essence of a well fitted dress shirt is the the right fabric, the right cut and the right size. We have taken care of the fabric and the cut and with your help we will have the right sizing for you.

How do I add my measurements to

You can provide your measurements to us anytime simply by logging in to your Account on Once you are logged in, Simply click on the "Measurements" link. Here you will be given full instructions on how to add your Full and/or Standard Measurements.

What is the difference between Full and Standard Measurements?

Full measurements take into consideration your complete body measurement. We require several different measurements for Full Measurements to better create a perfect sized shirt for your specific body size and type. We have provided detail instructions on how and what to measure for Full Measurements and have made it easy for you to provide them to us. If possible, we always prefer Full Measurements to create a truly bespoke shirt that will fit you perfectly.

Standard Measurements makes it easy for just about anyone to provide us their measurements to have a shirt created for them. If you have a standard body size and are easily able to buy off the rack shirts that fit you well, then you can simply provide us with the Standard Measurements and we will create a custom made shirt for you using the standard sizing. Standard Measurements only require the sleeve and neck measurements to create a half-bespoke custom made shirt for you.

How do I know that my dress shirt will fit?

Your shirt will be custom produced to the specifications you provide. Our tailors have experience manufacturing shirts with these basic measurements. RajaShirts offers a guaranteed fit.

Can I save my measurements for future orders?

Yes. Once you enter your measurements, it will be saved to your profile.